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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Providing Search Results Faster Than You Can Think!

Thinking of something? Start typing and Google will provide you with the search results you may be thinking about faster than you can stop thinking!

Yep, Google's got the "instant" search which displays search results that are updated with every character you enter in the search box. So, Google is basically providing you an answer before you even formulate the question. No more pondering over what exactly to type when you are trying to find something. Every letter you type in will result in a set of results you can choose from.
Pretty cool eh?

Actually it is PRETTY DAMN annoying even as it is PRETTY DAMN cool!

The every character change results in distraction where you end up going somewhere you didn't want to go but because it showed up for a second before you typed the next character you decided to check it out. Also annoying because if you type the wrong character you end up again going somewhere where you didn't really want to go.

Also, I don't know if it is the Firefox browser I use or if it is Google's live search but the live search actually drags out the typing and makes me more prone to mistakes because a character doesn't register in the search box while it is retrieving  data. I know it's not fat fingers or my inability to type cause I can type with my eyes closed and barely make a few mistakes.

But those annoyances aside, live search is a pretty cool feature and if you stop to think about it, it's pretty awe-inspiring. And no, it doesn't stop the need to do search engine optimization in case you were thinking that. In fact I think that an even more comprehensive  Search Engine Optimization strategy may be needed in the future so that every phrase that may represent a company's business should be identified to allow that company's website to show up in the live search results.

Let's see how it shapes up but for now, hope you enjoy Google doing the thinking for you. Next thing we know Google may even begin delivering new clients to me! Hah!

Search Engine Marketing Blog: Google Instant Won’t Affect Search Engine Optimization

Well, thank God for Google's announcement that Instant results won't impact current Search Engine Optimization strategies. Otherwise we Search Engine Optimization practitioners would have to relearn and implement new strategies for our clients.

Google's Instant results are provided for searches for every letter typed. So if you are start typing "J", the first link you will see is for Jet's Pizza or if you type in S for whatever you wish to search, you get Sears as the first link in the returned results.
There was a lot of speculation in that Search Engine Optimization practitioners would have to come up with words that could potentially bring up the results that are needed.

But the good news is that we can continue doing Search Engine Optimization for our clients and without fear of their rankings dropping off due to some Google rule that no one understands…