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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Hacking is Illegal, Period!

Results published by a recent survey showed that students aged 18-21 thought hacking was cool.

The survey was conducted on 1000 students and 37% of the 1000 students who were surveyed admitted to hacking a site or an account. Shocking news? You bet!

The students surveyed admitted to hacking Facebook profiles, shopping accounts and email accounts. One-third of the ones who admitted to hacking revealed that their motive was simply fun, a few admitted to doing it out of curiosity and a few admitted to do it for monetary gain. Remember these are only 18-21 year old people!

Hacking is basically an invasion of privacy. Hacking an account is similar to breaking and entering. Hacking is also just as illegal as breaking into someone's home.

I see the need for a whole series of classes from high-schoolers and college going kids to adults in the workplace that discusses online etiquette, hacking as it relates to invasion of privacy, and social media moral and ethical "do's and don'ts".