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Multicultural Marketing Blog: Johnnie Walker Black Label Woos the New Jersey Latino Community

Johnnie Walker Black Label wants to attract the Latino community! Johnnie Walker Black Label will be launching a grassroots community effort to showcase events, promotions and new business opportunities to New Jersey Latinos. Johnnie Walker is celebrating its centennial birthday and has a good reason to reach out to the Latino community in New Jersey.

Latinos making up more than 16 percent of the New Jersey population are a powerful force in New Jersey, representing the fastest growing segment in the state. The 52,000 Latino businesses found in NJ in 2008 are predicted to double by 2010 in New Jersey. This makes New Jersey the 5th largest concentration of Latino businesses in the country.
Gerry Rojas is the brand ambassador chosen by Johnnie Walker for their outreach to the NJ Latino Community. Gerry is an industry veteran when it comes to designing campaigns to target the Latino market. Johnnie Walker Black Label’s new brand ambassador, Gerry Rojas says that they want to celebrate the accomplishments of the Latino business community and also want the Latino community to participate in the celebration of their accomplishments.

It’ll be interesting to see how with Rojas’s help, Johnnie Walker will convince Latinos to give up their favourite tequila in favor of Johnnie Walker Black Label.

(I also look forward to seeing when Johnnie Walker will target market to the Indian American community. I hope they know that the South Asian Indian community is perhaps the biggest fan of Johnnie Walker Black and Blue brands!)