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Online Marketing Blog: Small Business Owners & Social Media Marketing – Is it Even Optional Anymore?

To invest in social media marketing or not to!!!

That is a question that most small businesses face when thinking about social media. But social media usage has skyrocketed and so of course everyone must invest. But how and how much seems to be more of a question.

Studies show that a whopping 70 percent of companies say they use social media, however most of them feel like it is more of experiment than a strategy. While they know that the goal is to maintain an online image, how to do that seems to elude owners.

Still, for those who haven’t jumped on the social bandwagon, 41 percent say they plan to, leaving little room to doubt that using online media is no longer optional for business owners.

In my humble opinion, the reason social media continues to be an experiment rather than a strategy is because business owners don’t seem to understand the value of marketing. Most business owners only think in terms of sales or leads. They don’t place as much importance on branding, networking, and forming a trusted network which can result in sales and leads. Let’s face it, marketing is loosey-goosey; it’s intangible; it’s nothing you can put your hands on; it’s….ok you get my point, right?

However, marketing is an important strategy that requires effort, daily focus (not weekly or monthly), and a comprehensive strategy that is all encompassing. What I mean by all-encompassing is that marketing needs to be multi-channel, multi-faceted. More about that in a future blog….

But just to close out this one, let me emphasize that online marketing is no longer optional. You gotta do it!

Online Marketing Blog: Create and Maintain your Online Brand through Strategies that Work!

Online marketing is very important in today’s world. The internet has provided us with the opportunity to connect with potential customers, globally. In order for your business to be known and recognized to prospective customers, you must leverage the Internet.

Whether you are a small business or a large business, you face competition on a day to day basis. To ensure that your competition doesn’t leap-frog you, you need to employ strategies that can strengthen your brand and spread its reach wider. To do so, leverage the power of the internet to create your brand and to enhance it.

Here are some of the ways you can achieve online branding:

  • Create a website that is informational and complete as well as updated on a regular basis. A website is an investment, not a cost!  Don't go to the cheapest, lowest cost provider. Use a company who can guide you and help create a robust online presence
  • Share your vision and mission with your prospects and customers through positive messaging on your website and through popular networks
  • Use popular networks and public relations to share news and information about your company
  • Tell your target market what it is you do and what makes you different from the rest using online marketing strategies
  • Keep your brand message consistent.
  • Engage and connect with prospects and customers to let your target audience know that you are there. Out of sight is out of mind.
  • Share testimonials to achieve an image that showcases you positively to your potential customers
  • Use all available channels to reach out to potential customers and current clients.

Online marketing and branding are absolutely necessary for your survival in this day and age. Don't miss the revolution because you can't see the forest (the future) for the trees (the immediate lack of funds). If you are really serious about your business and growing it, then invest in the business and make sure that it grows. To that end, and to remain viable (meaning, remain in business long-term), employ online marketing strategies that work.

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