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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Mobile Phone Statistics for Marketers

Not using a smart-phone yet? Perhaps some of these blog-bites may help you make your decision to begin using one or upgrade to a more popular one….(remember, these are not facts researched by me, just reported by me from all I read about this industry that I play and work in).

  • Most popular smart-phone: iphone (no-brainer, eh?)
  • How does the Android compare to the iphone in terms of popularity? Growing but not there yet – 29% compared to iphone's 69% popularity
  • Bathroom smartphone usage – over 50% of users confess to using their smartphones while in the potty. Hmmm, sounds low doesn't it? LOL
  • Two biggest frustrations faced by mobile phone users? Connectivity (wi-fi access) and ability to print something using their smartphones. (I don't have a problem with connectivity and I've never felt the need to print anything from my smart phone of alll things, so not sure who these people were talking to when they did this study)

Here are some other "not-researched but created by Nipa Shah" factoids for your reading pleasure:

  • Smartphones allow us to LOOK important and busy even when we're doing nothing
  • Smartphones are the best way to keep boredom away cause you can always find an app to fiddle with
  • Smartphones help us hide when we don't want to talk to someone at a party (and masks our anti-social behavior too)

So get a smartphone and look important, get rid of boredom, keeps company when in the potty, and oh yeah, wins you brownie points when you respond to your boss's email at 1 am. 😀