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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Social Networking for Business Works, if Done Right!

More than half a billion users, a huge reduction in advertising expenses, a stable platform for your business promotions and a completely free channel to do your business promotion. Why wouldn't a business see the opportunity in marketing on social networking sites? Not only can you interact with your prospective clients and gain their feedback in an easy manner, you get a chance to build a better relationship AND influence new buying decisions through those relationships.

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have leveled the playing field for small businesses who have fewer resources to gain international or even national or state-wide exposure to prospects. The major advantage they provide is that your products and services get noticed by a whole bunch of people who could not have in the past known about you, at a fraction of the cost of television and radio and for that matter even other traditional means of marketing.

The most impressive aspect of business networking is the ability to directly access decision makers and buyers. And remember the good old days when you had to spend money doing a survey or a product launch pilot to get feedback on a new product or service? Well, no longer do you have to spend money there, just ask your trusted network on the social sites you play on and you'll get that feedback clear, detailed, and free and all in a matter of minutes.

Yes, there are disadvantages like spam, inquiries from unqualified prospects, reading stuff that has no bearing or relevancy to what you do or sell BUT remember, some bad with the good is inevitable.

So what are you waiting for? Yes, social media marketing is important to your industry and his and hers and every type of business you may be in. No, social media marketing is not just limited to service oriented or product oriented or customer facing or customer support organizations. No, it's not just for corporates or for business to consumer or business to business type of companies. Social media marketing is relevant, important, and applicable to all business types.

Remember, it's JUST ANOTHER CHANNEL much like TV, Radio, Billboards, and Direct Mail. But it is one of the MOST cost effective channels out there, at least for now!


Search Engine Marketing Blog: As popular as Social Media has become, why is Mobile Marketing so slow to become mainstream?

I get a few mobile messages on my mobile phone and not any of them are because I "opted-in" – so basically they are all spam messages. However industry experts claim that approximately 20% of consumers have opted-in to receive mobile messages. But considering where we are in this age of texting and social networks, this numbers sounds quite low to me.

So what's the reason for this slow progression of mobile marketing? Well, as in most cases, it's either lack of awareness on the part of both advertisers and consumers and / or the lack of "buy-in" from the advertisers themselves that mobile marketing is going to be effective or bring return on investment.

Some other reasons could be the consumer's fear of everybody and their brother bombarding them with mobile coupons and advertising that may not be relevant to them or be needed for immediate use.

And the privacy issue cannot be underscored enough – as soon as your cell phone is open to receive information from others, most people may think that their privacy is at stake. So unless brands give a guarantee that the consumer's privacy is not at stake and that third parties won't have free access to the consumer's phone and personal details, mobile marketing is going to take even longer to become mainstream.