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Social Media Blog: Measuring Social Media Marketing with Clicks, Followers, Traffic, OR…..?????

Talk to a business owner about online marketing and immediately the questions come in the form of:

"How will I know it works?"

"How many fans and followers will I have on Facebook and Twitter?"

"Will you promise traffic?"

"What is my ROI on this?"

"It all appears too fuzzy"
Hmmm! That's what I say, hmmmm!

Ok so measurement is important. I mean it makes sense to count followers and to count fans and to diligently review traffic reports if only to justify that the money being spent is showing results. I'm all for results.

But really is the end-game all about "counting" fans and followers?
What does matter then?

I say quality balanced with quantity counts. Quality of content!

Engage with people. Participate in what they are interested in. Publish interesting content in the form of comments that actually make sense. Ask questions. Ask for feedback. Also recommend others to your followers. And follow people back.  So I say, measure traffic, measure followers, measure fans on Facebook but at the end of the day look at how you are influencing rather than just "being there".

Quantity is important but quality is more important.