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Social Media Blog: Social Networking Finesse

Social medial marketing today represents the biggest opportunity for businesses seeking to connect with customers and prospects online. Social networks are where businesses will find people who are networking and socializing and researching; almost laying around in anticipation of buying something.

Social networks are where people are influenced by what others say more than by marketing messages and television commercials geared to attract a buyer. However, despite being easy, free and so effective, social media marketing requires expertise and a certain level of skill. You can’t just begin Tweeting self-promotional stuff and hope to make a sale.

Tips for Successful Social Networking

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin networking on the various social networks.

a) Monitor Your Mentions

You need to monitor your company’s name and note how it appears in the search results and google alerts. Keep an eye on conversations about you and your company. Pay special attention to find any negative comments or not-so-flattering discussions happening online about you, your company, its products and services.

b) Be Engaged in Conversations

One you get online, you must engage with others. Asking questions, answering other people’s questions, commenting on someone’s blog, retweeting information, etc. are some of the ways you’ll have to “engage” with others. If someone posts a comment on your FB status, you have to respond back to that. If someone asks you something on Twitter, you’ll have to respond back to them.

c) Assume Selfless Objectivity

Social media marketing is not just about you bragging about your company, promoting your goods and services, narrating your uniqueness and what makes you the best etc. By the 2nd week, people will begin avoiding you. To get the most from your social media marketing activity is to assume a selfless objectivity where you mention yourself and your company intermittently. Focus on sharing information, content, and participating in discussions while showcasing what you do. Try to connect and engage and be authentic.

Social media marketing isn’t much unlike face to face networking. The same rules apply. You have to connect, engage, ask questions, provide information, and build relationships. You wouldn't ask someone to buy something from you the first time you met them in person, would you??