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Internet Marketing Blog: Some Social Networking Do’s & Don’ts

I've been watching people tweeting and posting blogs and commenting on Facebook and have some observations. Perhaps you'll take note and implement some changes, perhaps you'll do nothing different but here it is……

Don’t be one of those people who talk to themselves: Have you disabled people’s ability to comment or post on your Facebook wall because you are afraid of negative comments? Do you ask questions or just ramble on about yourself? Do you tell interesting stories or just talk business, business, business?  When was the last time you asked a question? No one likes a person who’s only interested in themselves, and the same goes for a brand. The whole point of social media is to connect, and one can’t do that if one takes the “social” part out of the word. And  remember that while disabling features can prevent negative comments on your brand, it can also hurt it because you aren't listening to what your customers are saying and proactively addressing their concerns.

Ask this question to yourself – Who is your website for anyway? Okay. Sure. Adding neon lights flashing around your logo is cool, but what is its purpose? I noticed that many websites get sucked into –what I like to call— the shiny object syndrome. They have flash and many moving objects and have incorporated this and that into the website which takes away from the actual purpose – converting a visitor to a customer

I’m not saying don’t upgrade your website with important features. But also be focused on the visitor. Will the visitor find information quickly and be able to take a call to action? Is your site slow in loading because of too many heavy flash objects?

You're blogging but no one's coming to your site: So you haven’t posted a blog in over a week? It’s okay!!! Really, it is. But when you do post, what next? Are you marketing the blog anywhere? Are you asking people to read it and comment on it? Are you commenting on other people's blogs? Remember, social media is quite a bit about "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". Unless you are a big brand name, you'll have to do a lot more than just blog. You'll have to tell people that you blog and then DIRECT them to your blog.
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