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Social Media Blog: Quality versus Quantity on Twitter

So when I talk about Social Networking, invariably the question comes up "Is quantity important or should we just focus on quality?"

Yes, quality is very important but so is quantity.

Why you ask?

Well, here are two logical reasons for your consideration:

  • Big numbers attract bigger participation: Right, wrong, or indifferent, people follow the leaders. If you have 10,000 followers (or fans or friends), people want to follow you because you appear to be "influential". Think about it for yourself; would you be more inclined to follow someone who has 2 followers or someone who has 2000?
  • Bigger numbers give you bigger reach: Say you have 5000 followers and you post a general tweet. Now say only two of your followers pick up the tweet and retweet it (repost it) for their followers. And say those two followers each have 5000 followers. That means that your tweet just got visible to 15000 people in a jiffy. Whether all 15000 read your tweet or not, it's there for people to see. That's huge! Your reach through social networks is dependent on the followers and friends in your network. The more you have, the bigger the reach.

So yes, quantity is an important dimension when conducting social networking. Focus on quality AND quantity and you'll see the benefits of social networking grow exponentially.