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Multicultural Marketing Blog: Tribune Hispanic Media Group to connect advertisers with US Hispanic community.

Who doesn’t understand the need to market to multicultural audiences? Marketing to Hispanics has become quite popular and many large companies like McDonald's, Coca Cola, and Johnny Walker, are increasing their focus towards this ethnic community. By 2010 it is estimated that Hispanics will have a buying power of almost a trillion US dollars so it’s not surprising that brands are clamoring to reach them.

The Tribune Company has launched Tribune Hispanic Media Group which is a national sales team for the Hispanic market targeted media. They will offer advertisers customized solutions across print, digital, mobile, direct and event marketing.

Tribune already has four Spanish-language media properties that reach an estimated 1.7 million Hispanic consumers in markets like LA and Florida where the Hispanic population is less than 30%.

Since Tribune’s four media properties already have a ready audience, the new sales team should have an easy job convincing brands to advertise with Tribune’s various media platforms.