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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Twitter Promoted Accounts Functionality

So on Twitter today, a new feature became visible under the "suggestions for you". Some suggested users have the word "Promoted" under their Twitter handle. Voilà, here come "Promoted Accounts", a new advertisement opportunity for Twitter users.

Twitter Promoted Accounts

"Suggestions for you" is a feature which suggests Twitter users whom you may not be currently following and may find "interesting".  Although how they come up with the "interesting" part is a bit of a mystery to me as some people they recommend to me, I'd never want to follow in a million years.

Twitter suggests "Promoted Accounts" based on who you follow and surmising from that list, who you may tend to follow. Twitter will recommend a promoted account if you are following other profiles that are similar but not following the user they want to promote. So if you are following many twitter users who are in Metro Detroit, you are sure to see a "Promoted Account" suggestion for another Metro Detroiter. Recommended accounts are recommended based on relevance, or so they say.

I didn't see any information about how the average Joe Smoe business owner can leverage the "Promoted Accounts" feature to promote themselves. Right now it seems only big dogs err brands get that privilege.

Perhaps Biz Stone will share that someday soon?