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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Promote your Business with a TwtQpon!

TwtQpon.com is a cute tool that allows  you to create online coupons and distribute them through Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. It obviously appears to be more appropriate for Ecommerce retailers but I think non-ecommerce retailers can try to use them too to generate more visibility for themselves. 

Basically this application can allow you to add more value to your followers by offering them a special deal. It would probably work best for florists, pizzerias, restaurants, and online retailers who want to quickly pick up some sales and also get some visibility on twitter, fast!

Steps to create your TwtQpon:

Visit TwtQpon.com and then click on the "Create a Coupon" button. In the web form, enter the following information:

  • Your Twitter account name, coupon title, and coupon details (high-level)
  • Include an image of your logo or product you are selling
  • Specify a coupon code or leave it blank (but it's better to include one for tracking purposes)
  • Add a link to your website's landing page (specify the correct one)
  • Optional: Include an expiration date for the coupon (always best to have an expiration date)

All done!

Once the TwtQpon is created for Washington DC. Mark J. Rochon, the app gives you an option to tweet about it, share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites and even email it to people you want to notify.  Your network will see an update with the information you filled out above. When people click on the link in the post/email, they'll be taken to TwtQpon.com & then from there they'll be redirected to the URL you had  included when creating the coupon.
And the latest release of TwtQpon allows you to brand your TwtQpons….yep, with your logo and branding colors.

TwtQpon says "there are no fixed costs, you can decide how much you want to pay" for creating the branded TwtQpon.  So you pay a one-time fee using paypal (cool how you are redirected to pay pal) and then you can create your branded TwtQpon. Since your profile travels with your twtQpon, you get additional brand visibility.

Sounds like a good deal to me. You can pay as little as $10 per coupon creation and offer whatever specials you want. (Although if every user even just pays $10, the TwtQpon folks with only 5000 followers can make $50K.)

Why don't I have such ideas eh??? Think Nipa, Think!!!