Take your blog off BlogSpot now!


Your website is hosted on your company domain name; www.xyz.com.  So why host a blog as a sub-domain on blogspot.com? Easy you say? Well, that’s what I call penny wise and pound foolish.  That’s because by going the “free” & “easy” route, you are missing valuable traffic that could be coming to your domain, instead it’s going to Google. Trust me when I say that Google doesn’t need any more traffic.  So why help Google when you should be helping yourself?


So move your blog off blogspot.com today keeping in mind the following:


1. Transferring blogs & comments may not be easy: Google has several application programming interfaces or API’s to help migrate blogs. However, none of those API’s work as satisfactorily as you’d want them to. One API doesn’t allow you to move comments; another allows partial migration of blogs.


2. Do a 301 Permanent Redirect: The correct way of moving a website or blog from one domain to another is through a “301 permanent redirect”.  In non-technical terms basically you have to set up a new domain to allow you to forward your old blog to a new one.


[It is possible that Google does not let you do a 301 redirect if you’re using a blogspot.com subdomain. In this case, you could be losing your valuable inbound links.]


So, move your blog today. Blogger is free but it is not really free. If you have really good content, you are missing out on traffic that can help you grow yourself, your brand, and your company (if you have one).

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