Text Messaging – TTYL

In one of my recent workshops, a young sales person told me that he’d been to a play and the entire time, people in the play kept saying “LOL”. He thought “LOL” meant “lots of love”. I couldn’t help but laugh because everyone knows that LOL means “Laughing out Loud”, right?




This whole new “text messaging” vocabulary is confusing people as heck, especially for those parents and adults who’ve not embraced text messaging yet. My kids find themselves in a little different scenario cause they have a mother who is more tech savvy than themselves and they’re plenty tech-savvy!  The other day my son said to me “Mom, my friends think you’re cool cause you can text message”.  (That surprised me a bit because I thought all moms of teenage kids text messaged their kids.)


After having that discussion with my son, I decided to do a quick poll with my colleagues and business clients. Come to find out only 10 out of the 100 or so people I spoke with used text messaging on a daily basis. And therefore, most of them couldn’t tell me what KUTGW or TTYL meant.


So I thought well, it’s time to put together this blog quiz to see how others do with these acronyms. Because remember, what you don’t know can hurt you. (And yes, your teenage kids may not like it if you become savvy in with this lingo but that’s tough luck for them.)


So here goes, and hey guys and gals, no cheating by googling this or asking others! Take a quick run through and tell me how you did.


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