There is life beyond Social Networking!

Lately, I’m quite active on Facebook and Twitter; have made many friends and really enjoy the light banter, heavy discussions, and general networking with folks located locally and globally.

So over thanksgiving break, we were at a friend’s home watching the news about the horrible tragedy unfolding in Mumbai (terrorist blasts at hotels, etc.). As the news comes on, I whip out my phone to update my twitter buddies of what was happening in Mumbai. I did that 2-3 times that night thinking how cool it was to network and still spend time with friends and family.

My better half (who is not on twitter) gave me a look once or twice and I thought oh, oh! I’m doing exactly what I told my kids not to do, I was getting hooked to this social networking. There continued to be an urge to whip out the phone and update people all weekend long, every time I was driving somewhere (not doing that for sure), each time we were out at our friends’ homes, or even when we sitting around watching a movie.

Fortunately for me, I know when I’m doing something in the extreme. And so after four days, it hit me. I realized that I was so busy updating others on what was happening in my life that I was not living my life fully!

So as much as I enjoy networking, and I really, really do enjoy it, after Thanksgiving 2008, I decided that my phone would stay hidden in my purse anytime I am out with my family. That means that when I leave home, no updating status, no looking to see who is discussing what, no checking who @ messaged me or DM’d me, period.

And I know that my Twitter and Facebook buddies would agree with me when I say that “there is life beyond Social Networking”.

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