Why Small Businesses don’t Invest in Search Engine Marketing!

I get a LOT of inquiries from people who want to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. But it is very difficult to sell search engine marketing to small businesses. A recent study from Microsoft adCenter provides insight into why small businesses don’t invest in Search Engine Marketing. Here are some reasons cited:

  • Nearly nine in 10 (89 percent) feared keywords may become too expensive
  • Eighty-one percent questioned if paid search marketing is the best use of their marketing budgets
  • One quarter of respondents believe paid search marketing is too complex
  • Twenty-one percent thought it would be too time-consuming
  • Thirty-five percent felt they would need an agency to help set up a search marketing campaign

See, now I just don’t get the results. To me, it’s quite simple. This is the Internet age. A business that doesn’t have an internet strategy is plain and simple missing the boat.

So here are my responses to the above reasons cited:

Yes, SEO is not inexpensive, but then so is getting expert help in other areas of business like legal, accounting, operations, sales, etc.

If 70% of the population (or more) search online first before they go anywhere near a store, why isn’t search marketing the best use of your marketing budget?

Yes, search marketing is complex but that’s why you have to hire people like us who know what we are doing (sure you can check references out to weed out the bad from the good)

Yes, it is time consuming but that’s why you retain experts who can do it without you having to spend time on it directly

And so what’s the problem with retaining an outside agency? In business, you focus on your strengths and you outsource your weaknesses

Ok, so! If you are a small business owner, I’m waiting to hear from you. Don’t get left behind!

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