Jenesys Group is an Internet Marketing company. We provide Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Solutions. Internet Marketing campaigns are only successful when the web site has "stickiness" to retain visitors. Therefore, we also provide our clients with Web Design and Custom Web Programming services to make sure they have a robust web site.

Our Branding solutions help you create a better brand image for your prospects and customers. And last but not the least, we also Create Content for you in the form of Blogs, Articles, Video Presentations, Podcasts, and Web Site Content.

Additionally, we have expertise in creating Multicultural Campaigns to take your brand message to Ethnic Audiences. So whether you want a general Internet Marketing campaign to reach all audiences or if you want a focused campaign to attract a certain ethnic group, we can help.
Our Internet Marketing expertise provides you with top rankings in Search Engines, enhanced brand visibility, and direct engagement with prospects and customers. 
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Got a website but can’t figure out how to drive traffic to it? Paid marketing just not generating the Return on Investment (ROI) you expected?

Then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may just be the answer for your website! Search Engine Optimization simply means preparing your website for search engines. Finding the right keywords, creating new content around those keywords, conducting on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization, and getting your website listed in top results of search engines is what we do.

Don’t just rely on paid marketing techniques that eat up your profitability. Get your website visible in natural (organic) search results through search engine optimization techniques. Search Engine Optimization isn't rocket science. But Search Engine Optimization still requires a focused and dedicated effort to get top search rankings.

Everyone’s talking about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Blogging. But why are these websites important for business owners?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is popular because it promotes dialogue and allows consumers to share experiences with others. Consumers trust real life experiences about brands better than sales pitches from brands.

By leveraging Web 2.0 applications like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and dozens of others, we can spread relevant messages about your products or services. We manage your social media presence by creating / enhancing your profile, conducting social networking, promoting your website content, and generating a buzz about your products & services.

Blogging is a great way to share opinions and thoughts to influence decision making. Through blogging, business owners can gain visibility, branding, and traffic for their website. We can integrate a blog utility for you and manage the entire creation through promotion activity of your blogs. Don’t put off blogging because of lack of time or resources.

Search Engines love content. So Content continues to remain King! Creating content in all forms is important for business owners. Podcasts are audio recordings which allow companies to share their products and services with prospective and current customers. We offer flexible podcast recording services which allow you to showcase your expertise to others. By recording and promoting your podcasts, you can gain visibility, brand recognition, and traffic to your website.

Small companies typically don’t retain public relations experts because many times they can’t afford their services. However Public Relations Campaigns aren’t just for the big dogs. Smaller brands can also afford public relations campaigns and that’s what we provide through our unique online and offline press release promotional services. We create press releases to communicate your brand’s message so that they are easily picked up by publishers; both local and global. Using social media marketing strategies; we will promote your press releases on popular networks to get your company maximum exposure in search engines.

Email Marketing still works. Yep; it sure does. Email marketing means sending call-to-action messages to past and new contacts to remain connected to them, share new happenings, and to generate visibility for your brand (products or services). Our email marketing management services include content creation, database management, email open and close rate reporting, and delivering email campaigns on a regular basis to your database of contacts.

Web 2.0 is not just a buzz. There’s a reason why Web 2.0 applications are creating such a buzz. Websites of past days don’t engage customers, don’t retain interest, and rarely convert visitors into customers. More than 90% of small business websites need a Web 2.0 make-over. What does that mean?Web 2.0 means removing flash and slow-loading pages; adding contact forms and blog utilities, managing website content with ongoing content updates using content editors; and creating interactivity between your company and your audience.

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool. Why not leverage its power?

Most websites have dated content. Many have date stamps that say “last updated on May 5th 2005″. Also numerous websites have dead links, incomplete pages, and “coming soon” messages. Maintaining a website requires time and effort. Updating content to make it current and engaging so that visitors keep coming back to your website.

September 19, 2011

I'm quite a bit active on social networks. It makes sense, given that Social Media Marketing is one of our core services to our clients. What is interesting to me when I network online is how the two cultures that I understand most conduct social networking online.